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Sarah Hamilton

Audition help

hi! I'm auditioning for a theatre production of sweet charity soon and I need a song to sing for auditions! I'm a soprano, and I don't normally sing in a chorus, so i really need to shine and get in! advice?

Clive Dancey

what part are you auditioning for..?

Sarah Hamilton

I just want to get in. the director usually picks favorites who are in chorus, and I am neither. any role or part is good for me.

Clive Dancey

are you a confident lead singer or do you tend towards character songs..

Clive Dancey

how about stars and the moon from 'songs for a new world ' contemporary or something like ' caint say no , character song from Oklahoma , Ado Annie sings it

Sarah Hamilton

thank you! I'll look into them. I can go leading, but I'm usually a character actress for the fall plays.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

If you can pick any song for your audition (not just songs which are in the musical to be produced), I'd pick a song that you feel confident in and can really 'belt out' If you are to choose a song from the musical itself, then I'd suggest picking one which is best suited to your vocal range. I hope it's of help.

Jon Schuller

A solid standard by Rogers & Hammerstein.

Shawn Speake

Pick a song you love! Sing it 18 times in a row. Then you'll be able to bring it from the inside out. You'll own the song! If your voice needs power, practice singing the song on your back doing leg-lifts. This strengthens your voice and core. Good luck!

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