Acting : Break it down... by Alyn Darnay

Alyn Darnay

Break it down...

(Alyn on Acting) Many actors spend too much time learning technique and too little time learning what to do with it after they've developed some technique that works for them. Learning how to break down a script and your part in it and then making it your own is the weakest thing I see actors do over and over again. Literally, you can put 20 actors in a room with the same sides and instead of getting 20 different interpretations you'll actually get the same one over and over again. Technique gives you tools to use, and there are many, but learning what to do with it to create something unique is really what you need to concentrate on.

Roberto Lazzaro

something to remember! thank you Alyn

Gameela Wright

Totally agree Alyn! That's why I've worked with Bob Krakower for years now! He teaches exactly that. There are other teachers who do this well too.

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