Acting : Filming Sitcoms by Peggy Garner

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Peggy Garner

Filming Sitcoms

Can someone please tell me I have created Five Christian Hilarious sitcoms and I'm ready to start filming theses sitcoms.When sitcoms are being filmed, how many episodes are in one season and what's the quickest way to film a series of episodes? How long does it usually take to film a series of sitcom episodes, being that the actors have to learn the dialogue for so many episodes or do they? And the same for a soap opera. How do the actors learn so many scripts for the filming of the shows? Help!!!!!

Torrie Ann Allen

I'm a camera operator and I think that it's 5 pages of script a day to shoot. But, from my experience on film that isn't often the case. Most often a lot less. Sitcoms well I have been on one and we shot the pilot and 4 half hour episodes in about and 8 hour time period. We already had the sets ready to go and min cast with the ability to adlib as they went. Mind you this isn't the norm we shot this very fast. it ran like a well lubed clock. We also had one afternoon of dry rehearsal. There is a place on line you can get the info just google it. I do think that mostly it pertains to film shoots. Sorry wish I was more help. Torrie

Peggy Garner


Peggy Garner


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