Acting : How to know if you're good enough? by Benjamin Leggatt

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Benjamin Leggatt

How to know if you're good enough?

Hi everyone! I've always wanted to get into acting, and as a young kid I really enjoyed being cast as main characters in Xmas plays and stuff, but then I moved school and ended up losing all my confidence. I still struggle a lot with my confidence, so my question is ... How do I know if I'm good enough at acting to be able to get an agent or how do I go about starting out? I quite like producing, but due to my confidence I just can never get to the filming stage of my films :/ I'd hate to have to give up on a lifelong goal, and figure that its better to give it a try now rather than look back with regret after a number of years! :/ any advice would be appreciated!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Ditto Victor's advice. I'd add that if it's, as you put it, 'a lifelong goal', then you must simply start and put up with (probably) being 'bad' for a while and being rejected. Acting is competitive, highly complex pursuit and you're not going to develop all the necessary skills quickly. It will take hard work over an extended period of time during which you will only have your own dedication to sustain you. Good luck.

Matt Benincasa

Be very willing to fail and do some bad acting. Ultimately, it is impossible for you not to be you. Accept yourself entirely. Don't look for validation "out there."

Benjamin Leggatt

Thanks everyone! Its all really helpful advice! I really appreciate it :)

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