Acting : Local TV by Joseph Condello

Joseph Condello

Local TV

Hi guys I need a suggestion, how should I research to find who's casting for local TV commercials? Should I search for advertisement companies in my area? I have no idea… Please help

Chris Connell

Most local advertising is done through individual stations. Youd want to contact each local station and ask. But most local advertisers dont use paid actors. The business paying for the ad just has commercial shot at their business using their employees. Fyi. Hope this helps.

Gina Juliet

Hi Joseph :) Having an Agent is usually how you will get commercial auditions. Even local ones. (Although like Chris said, some of the local ones may not pay to use Actors.) I say make "Getting an Agent" your focus :) That way, you'll have opportunities beyond local commercials! Wishing you the best!! Gina

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