Acting : NY or LA? by Alexander Huetson

Alexander Huetson

NY or LA?

So I'm English, I haven't been to Drama School but I've been acting for 7-8 years in shows and film projects, turned professional 9 months ago. I want to make a sustainable living out of my Acting profession on screen, TV or film. I am in Miami filming this summer and have the opportunity to visit NY or LA for a few days. I know NY is predominantly theatre, but the film scene in growing in stature and I know some casting directors there already. Is it worth paying them a visit to see if there are any opportunities or should I try to go and build new bridges in LA?

D Marcus

Yes. It's worth paying the casting directors you know a visit. See what the opportunities are in NY using the contacts you have. Worse case scenario: you spend a few months or even a few years working as an actor in NY. You build your U.S. resume and contacts.

Alexander Huetson

Cheers guys, great shouts from both of you!

Ken Belsky

Good question. I have worked in both places (L.A and NYC). Hard to build bridges in a "few days". Probably best to go where you have some foothold and spring from there. (L.A. however is much more fun in the summer time).

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