Acting : Seeking an agent while having a survival job? by Dominique Marsell

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Dominique Marsell

Seeking an agent while having a survival job?

I hesitate doing so because I just got a new full-time survival job. 12 hour days even but it leaves me with consecutive days off. Plus I live in the IE of SoCal (Inland Empire) so the commute is a factor. Do agents discriminate picking up actors who don't live in the immediate TMZ of LA? I've been lucky enough to book some kool TV gigs and recently an app commercial without one but I want those high dollar bookings.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Dominique - I'm sure you'll get some great responses here, but I would maybe also try and network with Chris Connell (LA), Beverly Leech, Bobby Reed or Cheryl Texiera to ask some of their advice.

Dominique Marsell

Hmm... will do. I've worked with Bobby Reed before too

Regina Lee

Hi Dominique, Disclaimer - I'm not on the casting side of the business. I think many agents can't help but think that a potential client who hasn't committed to living in LA, where he can go to 5 auditions a week at the drop of a hat, is not 150% serious about giving his all to building his career. So yes, I think agents do "discriminate" (to use your wording) to some extent. However, since you have a good job in the IE, I'd say try to make it work. If you're getting too much resistance because you live outside of LA, then deal with the problem, only when the problem actually arises. Lots of auditions allow you to put yourself on tape, and you can do that from the IE. Lastly, this is super obvious, don't put your address on your materials. Get a 310, 323, 424, or 818 cell phone number, and don't highlight the fact that you're outside of LA. The agent may just assume you're local!!

William Joseph Hill

Dominique, Regina gives some really good points. Back in the day when I first started acting, I had moved to San Diego from Hawaii and found that I needed to commute to L.A. several times a week for auditions. I was able to have a couple agents, and so as long as you're able to make the auditions that they send you out on , there shouldn't be a problem. Don't advertise the fact that you live outside of LA, but don't hide it either. You might find someone who will try sending you out before they have you sign a contract. Make sure that in any agent interview you make it clear that you are working on moving to L.A. It wasn't until I made the move to L.A. that I was able to make any real progress in my career. Despite all the "runaway production", L.A. is still the main film & TV production center. Good luck!

Dominique Marsell

Thank you Regina and William. I will certainly take both of your advice to heart and action...

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