Acting : So what jobs are good for actors? that you can work to pay the bills and still act? by Matt Jablonski

Matt Jablonski

So what jobs are good for actors? that you can work to pay the bills and still act?

I need a job and I don't know where to look I wanna keep acting but what job are flexible around auditions? I really need something asap!!! Please help!!!

Christopher Pornovets

Same with me sadly.

Tiffy Diamond

I have worked with a lot of actors usually they do flexible jobs as Nannies, Waiters, Bartenders, Hotels, Fitness clubs, customer service. Also jobs with weird hours like working security or front desk in apartments from nighttime to early morning.

Christopher Pornovets

How do I get frontdesk jobs at night ???

Rebecca Caldwell

Do you have any talents that can translate into an online income? I run an SEO business part time to make ends meet. You could write articles for Textbroker, get paid by the word,if you know how to use photoshop you could offer your services to actors and models, even photographers who need some retouching done .

Amanda Toney

Hotel front desk jobs are great, or fitness centers. Usually pretty flexible hours and 24 hour reception (depending on the place). Best of luck to you!

Matt Jablonski

Well I have a background in computers and technology but that usually would require a full time job

Simon © Simon

I've heard that unemployed actors are waiters. And unemployed waiters are actors....

Lisa Regina

If you have Social Media skills, there is an entire generation of mature business people trying to make the transition to the new world...and it's not easy. Just a thought, I know I'm always looking for help with social media 'to do's', and so many of my business colleagues are in the same boat.....

Kim Visser

Catering, substitute teacher, demo jobs at grocery stores. Also go through temp agencies.

Lisa Regina

I often hire actors to produce my acting workshops, it's a high commission , if you're interested, email me at: thanks:)

Simon © Simon

If you want a commission job that pays, go sell cars. At least if you blank, or get nothing going in the hours you spent you can at least get min wage for a couple months before they fire you.

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