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Ellie Kitchener

Voice acting

I was wondering if you had any tips for voice-acting?

What experiences have you come across?

How do you break into voice acting?

I have started an interest in acting and voice acting in particular and just wondered if anyone within the Network had any advice for a newbie?


Eric L. Williams

First and foremost, you're starting off on the right foot by asking questions. One thing is finding a good coach. Too many people ignore the fact that voice acting is acting and requires training like on-camera work. But I get the feeling you're not one of those people.

Decide on what you want to do in voice acting (i.e. animation, audiobooks, etc.). It's okay to want to do multiple things. But your best bet is to start with one, get that ball rolling well, then start another.

Get yourself a good microphone and interface (Amazon is your friend with this) and practice practice practice. I make it a habit to read something out loud every day.

Kay Luke

My buddy used to be a Voice Over Audition Director for SBV

They send prospects to take a class. I had another friend who took it.

Try emailing them and asking about it.

Eva Dögg

im also a voice actor based in iceland tho

Kay Luke

Can't hurt to ask. They don't bite.

There might be an online class. I've found that people in the Industry are delighted to be helpful when they're not busy.

Joe Redd

Hi Ellie and Eva! I agree with Kay--you'll want to work with someone who can tell you honestly about the kind(s) of voiceover right for you and/or your voice. Taking a class can be good, but finding a reputable, experienced coach works best.

Eva, the only potential resource I was able to find for you is FÍL - FÉLAG ÍSLENSKRA LEIKARA. They're a union/trade association located at Lindargötu 6 101, Reykjavík, 6 101. Their website is From what I can tell they don't offer coaching, but they should be able to direct you to someone who can if you ask. We're all pretty friendly in the voiceover community!

Good luck to you both and please let us know how it turns out!

Eva Dögg

thnx :D

Ellie Kitchener

Thanks for all the advice! :)

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