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Women with curves!!!

Most casting directors want a size 4, 5, or 6 actress...How do I get past that, I am not plus size but I have nice curves, hour glass shape, but it seems as though being real skinny is the typical "go to" . I love my body and I am ready and willing to want to work but not settle..Any Advice???

Ashia Edwards-Moreno

Thanks Theo...

Regina Lee

Everything depends on the specific role. If you're 30, and the role is written for a 50 YO, you're not getting that part. It's much the same with body type. Be the best version of you, and when the right part comes along...

Suzanne Bronson

Actually I have the same frustration I am a woman with curves and I'm a single digit size, but the requirement to put weight on my resume probably is a discouragement because people think that I'm heavy but I'm more muscle than fat.I think its disgusting and discriminatory that you have to put your weight on your resume. Age range Annessa sicty to be all that matters and if you have a credit and then we'll decide to read for you why do we have to put height and weight what other job do you put your height and weight

Nicolette Torez

Being a certain weight doesn't guarantee roles. I am a small size and low weight & that really doesn't mean much. What matters is your resume. That you take classes & do theater & indie films for experience matters more than numbers.

Suzanne Bronson

Completely disagree. a lot of casting directors look at specs Before even deciding to have you audition. I actually was told this in an "unprofessional" email.

Rebecca Caldwell

I'm an Australian size 8-10 (usually a small or 6 in US sizes) and I was described as 'plus sized' to a CD once. To be fair, it was for a Malaysian production so maybe I am compared to actresses there, but it sure shocked me. I've overheard curvier women are looked at for comedy or 'exotic' projects only in many instances. Shitty.

Lhisa Ungelis Mrklon

When you're a big person already, on camera you look even bigger depending. A slimmer person would look, they say, about 10 pounds heavier which isn't much.

Suzanne Bronson

Oh I know! I saw myself on television a few times and I thought, "I'm not really that big am I?" On national television I'm looking 300 hundred pounds! It was mortifying. However it's not the same standard for men. Look at the women of Friends versus the men of Friends. Lisa, Jennifer, Courtney were WEIGHED. Matthew Perry, no one said a word. Hollywood is still stuck in the 20th Century. SMH

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