Acting : to go to LA or not to go... that is the question by Dan LaRoy

Dan LaRoy

to go to LA or not to go... that is the question

I've been acting for a little under a year in Salt Lake City, Utah and i've had a decent amount of success. 8 speaking parts 6 were shorts 2 were feature films. I've been considering moving to LA not just for more opportunities but for better coaching as well to become the best actor I can be. But when do you know when you should go? Some of my friends who were very successful here went and didnt have much luck in LA compared to what they were getting here because of the competition. What is better taking an acting class once a week in LA from one of the best teachers in the world? or taking 3 acting classes a week here from someone that isnt as good? where would you progress faster? Maybe someone that has lived in LA as well as a smaller market could shed some light on this topic for me? Thanks.

Tiffy Diamond

I've casted people with no experience that nailed the audition and I've casted people that graduated from Juilliard. What I'm saying is don't just come to L.A. for the acting classes. There are wonderful acting teachers everywhere that can strengthen your skills. Also, some of the best lessons come from being on set and working on short films and features. Which it sounds like you're doing in Seattle. Just like I tell my friends that do production in other states. Take advantage of everything you can where you are and make sure you're ready for L.A. Meaning just make your resume strong, get in festivals out there, make connections and then come to L.A. knowing you have a strong network behind you! You will do great in L.A. just make sure you're ready. If you know what you're getting into you'll be fine. :)

Ryan O'Harris

I have taught thousands of actors in my 30+ career as an acting coach and the one thing that most actors have shared in common is that they fail to have a business plan. Los Angeles is a very difficult and expensive place to live and not nearly as productive for actors as they assume. As far as better coaches, well what is really important is the quality of the actors you are working with not so much the acting coach. Of course a good coach is important but they can be found in many places for a lot less than you will pay in LA. Any town with a great regional acting company is a better choice than LA. Some of the best kept secrets are Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Portland. In LA money will stop your career in it's tracks. Go to small town with a regional theatre and work your butt off and you will have a much better chance at success not to mention the income and time to pursue a career. Figure out what your path to success is and create a business plan first.

Royce Allen Dudley

"Getting ready" for Los Angeles is smart in that it can be overwhelming and many actors last less than a year ( most I'd bet ), but don't waste years in a small market. You should visit and see if you can handle the people, the city, the vibe, the traffic, and if you like it, you need to plan to have money saved before arrival and a flexible job and reliable car upon arrival. The best actors, coaches and directors and a massive bulk of possibilities are HERE. Excuses will stunt your growth and possibilities.

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