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Pete Whiting

Draw my monster

Hello all you animators/sketching/drawing/modelling/fx people.

I have a horror action screenplay loosely based on a novel I acquired rights too. Has placed well in comps and got good coverage and currently have some well credited agents and studios checking it out. I would be interested to see people's artistic take on the monster and see what they come up with. Hopefully my writing describes it well enough.

I don't except hundreds of hours (or even 10''s of hours) put into it, but if you want to have a go and do something creative or maybe you can tie it in to a uni/course assignment or something then I have something here to be drawn/created. Could be good to put in your bio/briefs to show people.

I seriously dont except you to put in huge work or detail for an unpaid gig. can be hand drawn or computer. Don't care.

If anyone really wants to put in big effort and do up several sketches or even a figurine or model, I may be able to consider payment for this. But essentially just seeing if any of you need something to practice your craft on.

Who knows, if it gets optioned and I can present some basic artwork to them, it could open doors for you as well to work formally on the film.

Cynthia John

Hi Pete Whiting kindly message me i will help you and give you full service.

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