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Looking for Animation Production Companies

Hello fellow Stage 32'ers, hope you are all excellent. I'm noticing there is a lot of screenwriters that have a short or an animation feature like myself here in this section.

I'm curious, what are reputable animation companies that would accept scripts from writers. No Pixar, does not and some others. I'm curious, as I have a script that MUST BE produced and made into an animation film. It's messages are too great not to. In advance, thank you for the advice. Much love to all of you creatives.

Raymond J. Negron

Also, anyone interested in being part of a 'Table Read' connect with me and send me an email, for I am putting together a group that does table reads online.
Table reads are a way for people to improve there scripts by hearing it read out loud.
Email me: In the SUBJECT LINE: "TABLE READS." If not, delete-ville and tell me about your interest.

Shawn Speake

Hey, ScreenPlayRay... I'll check out your first page and we'll go from there. I can tell if I'm looking at a mansion with drapes in the windows or a trailer with beer cans in the windows. In time you'll be able to do this too. On that page, you should intro your story world, it's laws, your Main Character, mood, tone, and style. Your narrative voice. Let's get to work. theshawnspeake@gmail

Raymond J. Negron

Hey Sean, thank you for your response. I'm looking to host a "Table Read" online, invite only. Love your humor I'm looking for beer bottle decorated drapes in a Mcmansion that needs betterments and improvements, that's why I would like to put this together, as I'm looking to get screenwriters and actors together online, so we al can both work on our specific crafst. I've been working with Bulletproof screenwriting for my story analyst. Shawn Speake Great rapping by the way :)

Gary Smiley

Owch, I'll clean up the trailer.

Gary Smiley

Hi Raymond, an animation would be years of sitting at a computer. 24 frames per second, you can add it up. Very technical, esp. when adding sound. Even a storyboard, many drawings. I think a short animation is the way to go then progress from there.

Raymond J. Negron

Gary Smiley Thanks for your response gary. I wrote a script called "Planet Dog" just posted my first 10 pages there as I'm in the middle of a rewrite. I appreciate your advice. If you know of anyone who you could suggest for this I would be grateful I've located a few and am looking to place together a list.

Gary Smiley

Wish I could help with contacts on that. There's gotta be somebody out there.

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