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Rafsan Mahmud

Need Info

What are the softwares for the beginner in the Animation World? I just wanna make movies. Tell stories. I have to do it anyway I can.

Thomas Bailey

A lot of people use a combination of Flash and After Effects. I tend to do mostly After Effects (I like the texture look) but a lot of the heavy character animation shows (like Mr. Pickles on Adult Swim) is done in flash.

Peter Butler

Hi Rafsan, It really depends on what sort of animation you're doing. If it's simple stuff like basic explosions and making peoples eyes glow then After Effects is ideal. If you're going to be looking at creating characters in CGI then I'd say forget the computer for now and just learn and study the 12 principles of animation. Once you've grasped that then start downloading things like Blender and free rigs onLine. Don't expect to produce anything near to what you see in the movies this will only come with time and experience. Hope that helps? Peter

Peter Butler

It's hard to know what software to use unless we know the scope of what he wants to do exactly. I do agree that somethings are totally possible using basic software, or even no software. But if he wants to for example create a short story in the same style of Pixar films then he's a bit stuffed without learning animation and then high software.

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