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Gavin Potter

Question For Animator Directors

Morning Animators!! Hope you've all had a great festive season. I am just wondering how you guys, as animators, select a composer for your production. Do you go by showreel? if so, do you expect to see animation in the showreel? Do you advertise or do you generally have people in your network that you use? Do you use online forums? Any pointers as to how one can be more specific in meeting animators would be greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards, Gavin

David Andrade

Show reels and talking to them. I try to find someone with range, not someone who can make the same old looney tunes showtune. I try to find someone with depth. To be honest, I've found all my composers through film festivals and referrals. Online forums have been tricky, but a dedicated place like this should help narrow it a bit. Like any media person, you have to be everywhere, some how :D

Gavin Potter

Thanks for your great response David. Have a great day. Regards, gavin

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