Animation : So... budgeting questions! by G.R. Barnett

G.R. Barnett

So... budgeting questions!

For those of you who have done animated web series before or feature length films, about how much did you know to budget for? I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am asking here specifically because it is for an animation and I thought you guys might know a bit better. I'm doing the animation myself (thank you adobe!) so that part I've got covered but what about the other stuff? I just need a ballpark figure.

Thomas Bailey

That really varies so much from person to person. The best way to figure it out is: how much you want to get paid per hour X the number of expected hours X 1.10 (things always tend to take a bit longer when it comes to animation). I wish I could give you a more specific answer but I've done huge jobs for little pay and little jobs for huge pay. It all comes down to the level of detail, how much money there is, and how little you're willing to work for. Hope that helps.

G.R. Barnett

I was mainly wondering what to pay the actors since I'm doing the animation myself.

Regina Lee

Depending on the project, it ranges from a free lunch and a big hug to SAG wages.

Bob Harper

You can contact SAG and sign up for a new media contract which has no minimums for sag actors as long as you pay at least minimum wage. This is only if you use the animation for the web or mobile, etc, if it becomes broadcast, film or DVD then you have to fill out the appropriate firms and pay the higher rates

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