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Software recommendations

Good evening everyone

I am currently working on an animated project I have written and could really use some recommendations as far as some new software is concerned. I'm currently working with Daz3D software and I do enjoy the results, however I cannot shake the feeling of spending too much time, effort, and worst of all MONEY, on a software that is a little too non-user-friendly. Does anyone having some better recommendations? I have attached an image I recently rendered using Daz so you all can have a idea of the desired look. Thanks very much!

Bob Harper

Blender is free and has a big support community and plenty of available resource materials for training.

Dustin Sweet

You can also port your Daz models across, so you won't lose assets.

Rolf Mohr

Agreed Blender could be the answer you're looking for. It's come a long way and has almost caught up with industry standard Maya for animation and is competitive with other 3d modeling software that cost thousands, all for free. That said of course there's no short cut too learning the many years' worth of skills it takes to design, model, texture, light, animate, and render an entire movie, even if just a short film. This Netflix animated feature was done, amazingly, all in Blender:

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