Cinematography : Anyone can help to do this 360 shot by Samuel Kyle

Samuel Kyle

Anyone can help to do this 360 shot (00:56 - 01:10) Hello guys, apparently I have some questions about how to do this shot. When you see this track, i assume MB have 360 degree angle set to make this shot. But currently what am I going to do, i only have 1 set, so i am gonna do 180 degree. The main focus is about 2 person change their clothes when have hidden cut. But what i wanna ask is, can i achieve 360 looks alike? So people wont assume i only use 180 degree track camera. So sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i want to deliver to you guys. Thank you

Karina Dodds

Haya, my name is Karina, hope what I say helps. Yes you absolutely can use one set and 180 degrees. Looking at Will Smith face on, either side of the wall can be used as "wipe" so to speak, in cutting process. you don't have to have the whole 360 set, as far as you spend enough time dressing the set very differently and correctly set your camera frame depending on what you'd like show in the shot: WS, MS or CU. shoot the action in one "room" 1st and keep in mind when the actor is doing something on sideA (1st 180), the actor on side B is also doing something, hence their actions should be different enough not to look too similar, and at the same time when you go back again to Side A with 1st actor, show progress of his movements- if he's being getting dressed, think how much more will he put on while you are spinning the 180 on sideB! Continuity. just lay your track in such a way that it covers wall to wall 180 and film from wall to wall so you have something to cut and use as "wipe". Hope it helps and would love to see the end result. All the best

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