Cinematography : Short film: Mack by J. Andy Moreno

J. Andy Moreno

Short film: Mack

This is my thesis film. It's a short film inspired by the character from the song "Mack the Knife". This film was shot in 7 hours, entirely in one location (historic city hall) in Phoenix, AZ. 1 month in prepro and one month in post. Considering pursuing this as a web series. Check it out: This was shot on a Sony FS100 and BMCC.

Chris Garcia

Cool story

Charles Tentindo

Really liked that.

John Hager

Like the guys above me said, Nice job. Very interesting story. I'd love to see this continue. If you do pursue this as a web series or self produced TV series, I hope you can shed a few hats you wore while producing this. A couple of thoughts for you. Watch out for your highlights. I'm sure you're aware of the frame around the window is pretty blown out. Also I noticed what looked to me like white dust specs from an "old film" emulation filter. My thought is maybe study camera work in films and TV shows from the 1960's and employ some of those styles in your show if you want to emulate old film. Otherwise I would consider not adding "old film" dust to the picture. A regular film grain especially a black & white film grain would be nice and fine, but the black and white is very nice without the dust effects. Just my two cents, but great job none the less! I hope you can continue with this story.

J. Andy Moreno

Hi Paul, thanks. On both the BMCC and FS100, I used Rokinon Cine Primes - 14mm, 24mm, 35mm and 85mm. Affordable glass, but more than that, the independent iris control was a must when working with the BMCC.

J. Andy Moreno

Hi John, Great feedback. I agree, the dust was an over processed effect, probably unnecessary and inconsistent stylistically. The highlights and reflections were my Achilles heel in this production and definitely a great lesson. I am actually looking forward to working now strictly as a DP. Tired of wearing all the hats. :) but you know how film school goes...

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