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Cinematography : Student by Austin Varco


Hello my fellow cinematographers! I'm a High School student picking up cinematography from VFX! I live in San Diego and I'm currently buying the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. As most digital photographers may know, this camera has a traditional 16mm sensor and a Canon EF Full-frame mount. I plan on using a set of Rokinon Primes, but I was also planning on buying an EF to PL converter and getting some nice vintage lenses. Any opinions?

Hasitha Warnasooriya

i'd rather buy a speed booster, so the crop factor issues won't matter for some extent. i highly recommend of buying the metabones speed booster which i worked with recently and it can provide you additional 1 stop open. if you think the crop of the sensor won't be an issue for your line of work, you go for it :)

Dawson Boyle

I would buy a cinemorph filter so you can get that anamorphic bokeh that has been popular since the 70s, this filter will only work on 50mm or more but is definitely worth the money!, they also have a mod for a sigma 18-35mm so you can get wider focal lengths! I love anamorphic and if you don't already shoot anamorphic, i think you will too! :)

Austin Varco

Hey Dawson! Thanks for the suggestion! I actually own a 77mm anamorphic filter from Cinemorph and I love it. As for the speed booster option - I would get one, but I heard you lose the sharpness that you would get from a set of primes with it. Is that true?

Dawson Boyle

I believe its the flare option that can make your image less sharp, but I'm not sure i look into it for you! :)

TJ Mccormick

I have been looking at the Rokinon lenses for my Sony FS7. since the kit lens Sony includes, a 28-135 zoom is not wide enough for a lot of my work. I was looking at the 14mm T3.1, and so far, I've heard good things. The Rokinon Cinema kit is a great range to start, 24/35/50/85, and costs less than one CP 2 prime. If you haven't touched one of these lenses, they are light, and the gears work nicely. I have no personal footage, but from the reviews, they look like the full frame lens has no vignetting, and looks pretty sharp throughout most of the frame. If you have the $2000 for the lenses, I think it's a good initial investment.

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