Composing : Being Dumbed Down by Smart Phones? by Alessandro Machi

Alessandro Machi

Being Dumbed Down by Smart Phones?


The difference between writing or posting from an actual, real keyboard, versus a Smart Phone... When on a real keyboard one can review one's work and fix mistakes. My theory is Smart Phone texting promotes brevity to the point where one accepts less in terms of thinking and writing. Gently hammering on a real keyboard versus finger and nail tapping on a Smart Phone is affecting the way we think. Smart Phones are the Trojan Horse of Evaporative thinking and writing. I could go on and on, because I am on keyboard, but I won't. However, if you are on a Smart Phone, at least some of you probably aren't willing to text more than a few words. Texting should be the cliffhanger of our times, instead many use it to breath. Am I wrong?

Amanda Toney

Really interesting way to look at things Alessandro Machi and I laughed out loud when you said you could go on and on BECAUSE you are on a keyboard, but I feel the same way about the written word vs. the typed word. It's certainly changing the way we write our thoughts comprehensively.

Joel Irwin

Same can be said for synthesizer VSTs or instrument samples - don't they dumb down live musicians?

Mackenzie Kristjon

Pretty funny. You are right. I actually have brought a great deal of brevity to my verbal interchanges because I know you eventually get to the point of the ellipsis and "expand comment" as above. Therefore, I try not be as loquacious anymore and consider my place in the twitterverse, realizing I am just a small speck in this enormous chasm of reality. So I try to keep it short. And when I do, I think of Martin Short, who used to live around the corner from where I live now...

Alessandro Machi

Joel Irwin, your question is definitely out of my pay grade.

Kerry Kennard

There's definitely more screen space on a computer, freeing your eyes to do better music / thinking, in my opinion. an Ipad might be better, though still the ideas with a keyboard and music notation, laptop or computer, and the right composition within one's head is probably much better to create music. Yes, I agree with you, Alessandro.

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