Composing : Harrison Mixbus32c by Omar Brown

Omar Brown

Harrison Mixbus32c

Has anyone had the chance to use Harrison's Mixbus 32c ( for any post audio work or any score editing.

Harrison Consoles
Harrison Consoles
Mixbus 32C is a full-featured digital audio workstation that improves on the Mixbus platform with an exact emulation of the original Harrison 32C parametric four-band sweepable EQ, and 4 additional st…
Christopher William Scott

I have never used Mixbus, but I don't see anything in the program that would replace Pro Tools. Plus if you take your score to a live recording session, most of those studios are running Pro Tools. So personally I compose in Logic and stem out the each track to Pro Tools for mixing if I know it will be recorded by live musicians. If you don't have a DAW such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase or Digital Performer, then Mixbus might be worth the investment but the other programs I mentioned are more widely used so if you have to send off a file, it will be easier to collaborate.

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