Composing : Making connections? by Dean Fagan

Dean Fagan

Making connections?

Hi all just looking for some information about if there is any other site like stage 32 to help build connections and get jobs as a composer. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated. Thanks, Dean

Joel Irwin

don't discount the power of social media, especially facebook groups and twitter hashtags. I am a member of at least 5 fb groups connected in some way or form to my local area film community (in Houston or in Texas). Then also check out to see if there are film groups in your area. There are also web sites for competitions where you may be able to discourse such as and one or my favorites, (I have scored six films so far for that festival). Also don't forget the web sites and fb groups for professional associations such as (and in Houston we also have

Dean Fagan

Hi Joel thank you so much for the reply and the help I will be sure to check out all the links you have sent me. Much appreciated.

Shawn Speake

Yeah... strong comment, Joel. That's what's up

Shawn Speake

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Alan McKinney

Hi Dean, yes, try which is a social networking website for sound designers and composers.

Daniel Beja

Thanks Joel ! Very interesting when you get lost in the internet jungle :)

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