Composing : Moving to Atlanta by Garrick Jordan

Garrick Jordan

Moving to Atlanta

Hi everyone !!!! Im moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta and wanting to know how the work is there for a film composer. My future wife lives there so Im moving there and wanted to know how the work is down there.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi Garrick - I would definitely start networking now for work. Here's an AWESOME webinar to help: and, also make sure to RSVP to the Stage 32 meetups that are always happening in LA:

Marshall Coats

Whats up Garrick. I can tell you that though a lot of production work is going on in Atlanta, (and i mean a LOT), there is really not a lot of post work here. At least not that has much meaning and most of it doesn't pay anything, I mean literally zero (and exposure does not equal pay). I think your best bet is to keep refreshing the connections you've made in LA already and keep them strong, that is until more post work comes to Atlanta which may happen in the next 5 years. Best of Luck!

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