Composing : Music Concept Idea (YT Series) by Don Densley

Don Densley

Music Concept Idea (YT Series)

Hey everyone, new to stage 32 here but looking for a production team to team up with my producers and artists in Brooklyn N.Y to help document the process and B.T.S of music making. I believe it would make a great series bringing in many viewers who are fans of music, the artists, the producers as well as those interested in the process behind making music. We need help putting it all together though so feel free to contact me at anytime necessary with tips, ideas or inquiries on being a part of the process. Thank you guys for reading this enjoy your night!

Amanda Toney

This is a really cool idea Don Densley! Love the vision you have for it for your fellow musicians and to help educate other artists! I'd recommend posting this in our Jobs section (top menu bar under "jobs") and see if you can get fellow creatives to help support your project!

And, if I have composers or musicians in my network - please hit up Don on this project.

Keep us all posted.

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