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Sean Stuart

Royalty-free Instrumentals Kits

A few months ago I started a business called Drums Bang, and the focus is to supply something I like to call the " Producer Experience". Well, I'm thinking about expanding to supplying monthly /bi-monthly royalty-free kits that include a digital folder of instrumentals and other film/video/tv sounds that would be helpful for the movie producer. My question is simple: does this interest anyone? How important, and how often, would you be interested in signing up or buying a kit of instrumentals for your works? What are sounds/styles you'd like included? What is something this kit could provide that you have a hard time finding? What is a reasonable price, in your opinion, considering all the alternatives? Thanks for your input! Sean

Juan Carlos Palacios Ruiz

Dear Sean: It's a great idea! I did something similar with a company in Dallas and the business will go well simpre and when there is a demand to justify it. I think the important thing is to put a competent price to Target Audience, I mean to broadcasters who are unable to have a musician available. I hope you serve a little of my experience. I am at your disposal. Greetings. Juan Carlos

Steven White

Wild these kits be system-agnostic? I use AD & and the orch percussion from MOTU Symphonic Instrument for all my drums. Working in Reaper, but sometimes I go back to Logic if there's an itch for an instrument stuck in there.

Sean Stuart

kits would work with any DAW, yes. they'd be .wavs

Susan Majek

That would be good, but it isn't free, you said royalty free, so I'm assuming people would pay up front. You might not get many buyers because there are many such out there now and some are totally free too, so it may not be worth the trouble. But who knows, you won't know till you try it.!

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