Composing : What does music mean to you? by James Holzrichter

James Holzrichter

What does music mean to you?

You might think that is important. More importantly. What does music mean to your audience?

Jamie Phillip Langlois

To me(not to sound too far in left field)music is a way to manifest my feelings in an art form for the world to observe........yeah I know.

Jamie Phillip Langlois

You are awesome Brandi.

Joel Irwin

I write music to tell a story and to take my audience on a journey. Sometimes the music is in center stage - other time is merely supports another artform (which hopefully accomplishes the story and journey).

James Holzrichter

Tone down the awesomeness....... Oh who am I kidding you are all awesome.

James Holzrichter

Check out 'Dew Drop Web' by Rune Music by James

Alberto Cimarrusti

Soul of everything.

Matt Milne

Tell the story through music; make them care and make them feel.

Tony Mendoza

I love music. I'm told sometimes I use it too much in editing. But then again, music lovers love my cuts. I just love music.

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