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Joel Irwin


This post is NOT about privacy but rather, what should you or should not share for potential collaborators and whether it will impact your ability to get work.  It probably is the same issue for anyone behind the camera including all of us post production types - not just composers.  But it happened to me yesterday.  So I am looking for 'opinions'.

I was in a film industry zoom networking meeting last week where the featured presenter was a producer - arguably well known but may not be 'a-list'.  I sent him a Facebook request and a message with a link to my IMDB entry and my music at Soundcloud.

He responded last night after accepting my FR -

"Cool - Gr8 to meet u, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Looks like a lot of good work. One suggestion for ur IMDB profile - personally I would remove ur age - let people guess. Stay safe! God bless."

Keep also in mind for that to be 'effective', I should also remove all my pictures and age related data from ALL my social media accounts as I have friends and followers in the film industry via my social media accounts as well.

So you think putting in age can negatively impact my ability to get work?  Assuming I don't have an issue with privacy, should I also pull out anything relating to age from all my social media accounts including pictures?

Simon Driscoll

Age seems like a strange thing to focus on from a composer point of view...I've seen issues in the music industry for Bands/Singer Songwriters, but I've never come across it within composing. Did you end up following the (odd) advice in the end?

Shawn Speake

Great question! This middle-aged actor/writer/rapper does think about these things:) I'm with Simon Driscoll that it does seem odd in this case, but I will share this... I'm never about hiding who I am from anyone - anywhere- on any platform. I am who I am - a bad man. No outdated decade old, 30 pounds lighter shots, and honestly, it's embarrassing to meet creatives offline, and they look nothing like their pro pic. it's freakin' awkward. My thoughts are: If we're gonna bet the bank on our brand, people need to see that vibrant smiling creative they're going to be laughing with every day. Aging gracefully is the hardest thing on the planet, but it can be done. It's not the age so much as the vibe- my neighbors are younger than me and act like they're 90. I couldn't work with them becasue they'd bring me down. Be the best version of yourself. That being said, maybe a makeover could be nec., a fresh cut, a new look for a new day. Makeovers aren't just for women. I mean look at my pro pic. Look at that smile:) you're not thinking about my age cause I look so good! lol... I'm messing with you now, Joel, but I'm not. I don't even allow my people to say the O-WORD around me. U keep that in your matrix. I'm Neo........

I'll keep on the lookout for you, buddy. Keep us posted. My man

Joel Irwin

I have decided for a while to change my pic to my two dogs (as I did a year ago for my FB profile pic). I don't have an IMDB pic because unlike actors I don't pay for IMDB.

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