Filmmaking / Directing : Lacking Behind.... by Henrovee Nathaniel

Henrovee Nathaniel

Lacking Behind....

Having visited this platform for the past months, I must say Brisbane filmmakers are lacking behind with networking.. I can hardly network with anyone from here.. How can Stage32 network more of Brisbane filmmakers?

Henrovee Nathaniel

Hopefully with the new digital age of technology, this generation could be the change of it all...

Anton West

These are interesting figures, Alle. Could you tell us where you got them from, please?

Amanda Toney

Hey Henrovee, if you go up to the connect section on the top menu bar, you can search people by their location and profession. might help you narrow down some Brisbane Filmmakers, or at least people nearby.

MagicBrad Gudim

Nobody knows about your area... . You could start BLOGGING with the Synergy Collaborative. . Use an optimized "viral" blog, to post about all the wonderful attractions and filming locations that your area has to offer. . If you are using a pre-optimized blog, it won't be long before those "KEYWORDS" that you use will be searched by "like-minded" people with common interests and passions as yourself. . You will begin to ATTRACT the attention your area deserves.

Henrovee Nathaniel

@magicBrad thanx for the suggestion.. Will do as said..

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