Filmmaking / Directing : Need a sound recorder by Sara McDermott Jain

Sara McDermott Jain

Need a sound recorder

Hi all! I'm looking for someone to record sound on April 28th and 29th during a short film shoot in Princeton, NJ (1 hour from Philadelphia, 1 hour from NYC). Must have your own sound kit. Pay is $200. Please message me if you are interested!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Sara. Please post in the JOBS section: That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. The craft and business forums are for topic discussion. Thanks!

Sara McDermott Jain

Thanks Beth! I've had a problem posting under jobs. There's no 'sound recorder' option. I wind up having to pick that I'm looking for s sound designer, sound mixer, or sound editor - none of which fit the bill. (I had tried posting under 'sound designer' but with a description of what I actually need - but just got a lot of irrelevant applications I had to turn down.) Any suggestions?

Beth Fox Heisinger

Perhaps make that distinction in your title "Sound Recorder Needed ASAP" and utilize the description space to further clarify your needs. :) I hope that helps.

Carl Welden

Hey Sara, I know the hour is nigh for your shoot, but for future reference for job categories, the "sound mixer" usually handles the recording, but the heading for your job description can state "Location Sound Recordist" to best describe the skills sought. Firstly, best wishes toward your project! I'd submit for it myself, but my rates and travel from the Catskills likely wouldn't fit your budget. There are three basic titles in the audio realm on-set: 1.The SOUND MIXER manages signal levels from the boom and/or wireless mics and records them. 2. The BOOM-OPERATOR does just that, but may multitask and wear a field-recording rig. 3.The UTILITY, (or "A-2" in theater speak) is the cable-wrangler, second boom-op and/or assistant to the sound mixer. Many call themselves a "Recordist" because ultimately, that's the job, but the term isn't used in common parlance outside the industry. I myself say "Location Sound Recordist" to make the distinction from "Field Recordist" which is more related to sound-design work. Hope this helps.

Kyle Wilson

Great explanation Carl Welden. And great idea Beth Fox Heisinger :)

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