Filmmaking / Directing : Tips/Advice on Searching for Crew Jobs by Eric Barnett

Eric Barnett

Tips/Advice on Searching for Crew Jobs

Hi, my name is Eric Barnett. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and would like to know what is the best way to search for crew jobs. The other day was my first day of being a Key Production Assistant for a film that is still being filmed. This film might be small when compared to the blockbusters being released but being a part of a crew, learning from my mistakes and gaining new knowledge led to that day being the best day of my life. I want to be a part or more film crews, whether it is paid or unpaid, but I don't know the best way to search for them. Does anyone know of websites/places to look to get in contact with film crews, be it local or out-of-state. I would appreciated any help or advice. Thank you for your time.

Tony Fisher

Hey, good luck with the current role your doing. I have heard some people say is good, also maybe some of the other crew your with might be able to point you in the right direction. In any case well done and good luck.

JD Hartman

Where is best, I wish I knew. Craigslist, networking, personal recommendation, some say Facebook. You would do well to start asking where other crew are going after the current project wraps

Eric Barnett

Thanks for the help.

James M. Drake, Jr.

Eric, since you are in Virginia Beach, check out the Hampton Roads district of the Virginia Production Alliance. I am a member in the Richmond District and we get lots of networking opportunities and we get statewide cast and crew cals via email. The last 2 productions I worked on were through people I met at the VPA meetings!

Samantha Mauney Aiken

Follow the VA Production Alliance on Twitter & Facebook and go to some of their regional meetings in the Hampton Roads area

Dan Murphy

Move to Atlanta, contact film commision.

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