Filmmaking / Directing : A Documentary "Legal Robber" by Ed Morrison

A Documentary "Legal Robber"

I have this idea for my Documentary, and i am having trouble getting the funding off the ground. Can anyone help send me in the right direction? this is posted on Kickstarter.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You may have already thought of this but for documentaries in particular, you should look for any possible focus group which can support your cause. I did check out your KS page and after doing so, I'd also advise that you do more research. (I know a guy who does documentaries for a living and he is always a research 'fiend' prior to looking for money.) Try narrowing your topic from something pretty wide, 'Why prices vary?' to focusing on a particular spectrum of prices for a particular product which you find objectionable. For example, on the KS page, you mention gas prices. Links such as this may be helpful. Often price variations from one state to another reflect local taxes and regulations.

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