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Financing / Crowdfunding : Any Advice For Funding? by Sharon Sinclair

Any Advice For Funding?

I have written and am producing a 30 minute film for festivals and currently have a kickstarter campaign - which is doing horribly. My film is being crewed by a professional team and we aim to highlight the emotional and psychological aspect of domestic violence and early Alzheimers - with 20% of any profit being donated to Alzheimers care. Can anyone offer any advice on funding as my arm is dropping off from sending emails that never receive a reply? thank you in advance.

M L.

If you're doing something important with a message to it, You can get lots of freebies for locations and other elements if you play the PSA angle and you shoot (along with your film) a 30 second cut that is a P.S.A against domestic violence or a commercial in favor of womens rights, etc. Use that approach to get yourself free gear, crew, locations etc. But make sure you have a good spot written and plans on how to get it out there. You don't want to lie about something like that. Don't say you're making a movie about it cause that's annoying and nobody understands it. You're making a PSA. Make the movie but give it a backseat to the PSA. At least publicly. This way if your movie fails, at least you got a spot out of it as well and you did some good for the public giving back for their charity toward your film. Good luck.

Michael Wearing

Sharon try your local women's aid, the police local council and home office. You may have to slightly change your script. But they may be willing to invest if your film is delivering the right message.

Sharon Sinclair

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it is very much appreciated and I will certainly take all advice on board

Mehernosh Kapadia

How much funding is required? Can you email me the script at mkfilms7@gmail.com

Elisabeth Meier

Wow. I hope Mehernosh will help you. Keep my fingers crossed!

Sharon Sinclair

Hi Kamila. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I wrote to women`s aid organisations until my hand almost dropped off, but got no joy. May I ask which film related media you sent your press releases to. I recently altered my script slightly by incorporating a second script that I had written about Alzheimers, this worked well and and I aim to give a percentage of any profits to Alzheimers care. I have been really lucky in that a well known actor loves the script and should hopefully be taking the lead role - so that should hopefully help with fundraising. Fingers crossed!

C. D-Broughton

R.B. recently did and excellent video on why crowd-fundings often fail. Yes, it's easy to think, "I know all that already," but I'm sure that the majority of those thinking precisely that are still making all the same mistakes he points out! Watch the video and take notes.

Sharon Sinclair

Where is the video?

C. D-Broughton

Try clicking on the Blog section and going through the videos.

Sharon Sinclair

I too am a novice, but I have been lucky enough to secure a well known actor for the lead role, so hopefully we will gain more interest now

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hey Sharon, this is Beth from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Development to Financing / Crowdfunding, as it fits much better there. Let me know if you have any questions, and all the best to you!

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