Filmmaking / Directing : Do you know of any good books on development of an independent film? by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Do you know of any good books on development of an independent film?

I wrote it. I want to direct it. I need to produce it. I need to raise the funds for it. I hope the umbrella of development covers this. Thank you.

Gordon Olivea

Independent Ed. Great book by Ed Burns on his journey through the independent film world

M L.

I'm doing the same. Tired of pitching to people who don't care. Building my own company and the book below has been a great resource.

M L.

I'm in Brooklyn as well. Drop me a line. Would love to hear bout the project.

Doumouya Addan Moussa

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Jason Gant

Invest in audio books also. You can listen to them anywhere. Here's a good one. "How to make and sell your film online. No festivals. No distributors, No budget. No problem. and survive the Hollywood implosion while doing it." by Scott McMahon. That is the title and it's like my film bible.

Elisabeth Meier

That's a great idea, Jason. I love audio books as I can even listen to them while writing. Sounds strange? It is, but it's fun and it works. I'm even more focussed.

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