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Fritz-Alain Moise

Next Step

I am currently writing my third Sci-Fi story, I've entered as many contest as I can and got my video pitch logline. It has always been my dream to turn my Screenplays into movies but as of lately, I have been looking for the next step in increasing my presence in the film industry . Any advice?

James Hammer

Hey Fritz… My suggestion would be: NETWORK Here on STAGE 32- I’d assume that Miami has a pretty active film community, and you can search people here on Stage 32 by location. Send a network request to every ACTIVE Miami-based member on here, and I’ll bet you find some people who are meeting in person somewhere there. Look at Miami suburbs as well… It’ll take a little time, but take EVERY opportunity to network there in your community. STUDIOS- Search for local studios. Some of them will have monthly mixers for local filmmakers. This is a great way to meet people who do the other stuff in film (direct, produce, crew, etc.) ORGS- Search for professional organizations for filmmakers. These often have mixers or events for more than just their membership, and are often inexpensive for student filmmakers to join. I joined the Dallas Producer’s Association recently as an apprentice member so I could take my networking to the next level. FACEBOOK and other Social Media- See if there are some Miami-specific FB groups for the film community. I know there are some site-wide FB film groups you can join, take a little time to get to know the group and its membership (sometimes there are a few pompous jerks who just want to make life difficult for everyone). also have film groups registered. People might ask… how does NETWORKING increase my PRESENCE in filmmaking? Two years ago, I didn’t know ANYONE who was doing film in Dallas. If you’ll take a look at my website you’ll find a list of people and production companies with whom I am currently in collaboration to get a whole schedule of films and television done here in DFW (and across the country). It all starts with NETWORKING, my friend!

Fritz-Alain Moise

Thank you James. Thats good advice

James Hammer

Please let me know how those actions pan out for you... If I can help in any other way, please message me or reply here.

Erik A. Jacobson

Get feedback on how you can improve your writing. And read/study the scripts of successful sci-fi films online.

Meriwether Shipley

Meriwether Shipley I'm in the Raleigh/Durham area and looking for help developing my series Cassandra and the GI P.I.. I was an actor and model and my husband and I produced and directed a short film that was well recieved. I've been out of the business for fifteen years and everything has changed so much since them. I'm long on writing but short on marketing and networking but I have time now for outreach and would enjoy meeting and chatting with folks who undestand the industry as it now is..

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