Filmmaking / Directing : What should I write and prepare for Treatment? by Samuel Kyle

Samuel Kyle

What should I write and prepare for Treatment?

Hello Guys!! I just want to ask about development concept. I do have concept in my mind and I want to present to Client or Agency. What kind of presentation that I should made in order to Client/Agency get a whole idea for my Concept? Some of my friends say that I should make Director Treatment, any example what that is? Cheers

Samuel Kyle

I am sorry for this misunderstanding. What I mean is I do pitching for TV Commercial sometimes through Agency or Client.

Regina Lee

Try to connect with S32 Moderator Beth Fox Heisinger who has an advertising agency background. My sense is that if there's no RFP, and if you're not connected with an agency who regularly receives RFPs, it will be hard to break in. But Beth will definitely know.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Yep!! Regina always knows. I would listen to her and contact Beth Fox Heisinger. Good luck. I can't add anything else I'm just a screenwriter. Brooklyn native. Manhattan resident. Good Luck.

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