Filmmaking / Directing : When To Advertise for Crew/Cast? by Lauran Childs

Lauran Childs

When To Advertise for Crew/Cast?

Hi, I'm working on creating my first movie and I'm feeling maybe it's time to put out the word for the cast and a producer, in particular, since this is all very time consuming (aka exhausting) stuff - but I feel that I should be totally respectful of people because so far this is a no-budget movie. Working on it - actually feel it's the perfect time for my movie, 'Killer Eyes', which is about a female contract killer in Miami; she's Latin, both 'Lucy' and 'Tangerine' have come out which are great precedents for a probably to be iPhone movie... Anyone any idea about when to call for people? Actually some ideas of distribution of labor, and foreseen earnings (points?) would be useful too. Thanks!

Ellecina Eck

Definitely get a producer on board first. Since it's a no-budget project, you'll probably have to produce it yourself, because it's difficult to find someone to pour that much time and energy into something if they're not getting paid, unless they're completely dedicated to seeing the movie made. That person is usually only you, to start. Actors could commit, but if you don't start principle photography for a while because you don't have other elements in order, it's likely they'd pull out for other (possibly paid) projects, leaving you high and dry. With that said, make sure everything is nailed down as much as possible -- budget (you'll have to plan to spend some money; or at least, "if I have to spend money, what am I willing to spend it on?"), schedule, locations, necessary permits, contracts/release forms for cast and crew, craft services and catering, etc. Until the nitty-gritty details are hammered out, I'd postpone bringing on cast. Putting feelers out for crew isn't a bad idea, but I'd focus on getting key crew members first. Best of luck! :)

Lauran Childs

Thanks Ellecina, sorry I only just saw your response! Yes feel wierd about just having put out feelers for at least principal cast, but it seems that it's better to have some actors arranged when seeking out angel investors, which I'm doing - particularly at Slated.

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