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Andres Ramirez

Agents and/or unions

I'm a up and coming director and trying to get my feet wet with some work but unless I don't write my own pieces it's tough to actually develop work. Especially in the indie scene where it's all self financed. I was wondering if directors could be represented by agents or specific unions and the pre requisites needed to have something like that happen? Thanks for your time!

Louise Camish

You can get an agent as a director, but usually only if you have a good portfolio and have made something that has a bit of buzz around it - viral film, festival screenings, awards etc. It is a bit of a catch 22. Start out small, shoot a couple of micro budget shorts to leverage financing for a a bigger one, and just keep going. If you write your own stuff, write something that you can make for nothing. If you don't write, there are plenty of writers out there with shorts that cost no money to make, that they want produced. You only need to ask.

D Marcus

Yes, directors can be represented by agents. As Louise already said, the prerequisite is previous work. An agent only make money if they can book the director jobs so they need to see the skill and talent of the director before they will agree to work for one. Yes, directors can be represented by specific unions - in the case of directors it's the Directors Guild of America (in the US) and the Directors Guild of Great Britain (in the UK) and Directors Guild of Canada (in Canada). You can find the prerequisites needed by looking at their websites.

Andres Ramirez

That sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for the bit of info guys!!!

Royce Allen Dudley

DGA is the guild you would join when qualified. Agents do rep directors; getting one is tough. I have several directors I work with who have one or multiple successful indie features... and no agents, despite some interviews. The rule with creative agents ( directors DPs production designers and editors ) is that you need to making a bunch of money on known works before they will talk to you. Exceptions happen; I knew a guy repped by CAA for 3 years as writer director based on a short film that played one festival- but he got walked in by his uncle, a famous director... and after 3 years they dumped him.

Josh Mitchell

Let me know if I can help -

Andres Ramirez

Hey Josh, That seems amazing! You definitely caught my attention. How exactly does it work?

Josh Mitchell

Drop me an email to learn the specifics -

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