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James Hoey

Create... Because you're a Creator

I was asked by Karen E Ross to pop into this lounge and try to spread some positivity to some who might need it. I managed to reply to a couple of posts, but I think this might serve a better and broader field. These are tough times for everyone, some more than others. For many, when this disastrous situation ends they will go back to their jobs. For a lot of Hollywood and the Film industry, well, no one really knows what the landscape will be like in the aftermath. That can make working during this period difficult, stressful, and at the very least uneasy.

If you are freaking out here is a tip; it's fine. Freak out. You are a Creative, it is in the nature of a Creative to freak out even in the best of circumstances. This situation is unique, but it in essence is no different than any other obstacle you've faced. It comes down to the simple question of will the situation control you, or will you control the situation? Sounds simplified, and it is, but it is no less true. The folks in this lounge are directors, filmmakers. You are the visionaries that bring the words of writers like myself to life. Or, possibly your own words. You face challenges of vision versus budget daily. You tackle production issues, crew or talent issues, and you drive your project to the last click of the Final Cut and push your project into a completed film. Because, and this cannot be stressed enough, you are Creators!

For those struggling to find their feet in these hard times, make something. Anything. Make the biggest piece of crap that you can think to make, or make the best damn project you can muster. Or something in between. But, no matter what you do, revel in it. Creating is not easy. Sure, it comes easier to some than it does to others, but at the end of the day to make something out of nothing is no small task. There are a lot of success stories on Stage 32, and a lot of analysis as to why some succeed and others don't. To me, it's a bit more simple. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is this: those who have found success have actually created something.

It could be a piece of crap, as mentioned above, but it's their piece of crap. Many of us know or know of people who constantly talk about what they are Going to do, but never actually do anything. Talk is just talk. Creating is creating. Create something and take pride in it. It might be fantastic and could put you on that hard road to success. It could be crap and it could teach you something about your craft, so that the next time you'll do better. Doesn't matter, as long as you are creating. Take pride knowing that you did it, you created something where so many never do. Me, I would rather create crap than not create anything at all.

This site is full of people who have experience, insight, opinions, and even some answers. Reach out, ask questions, share your ideas. Use this time to learn, network, grow your skillset, and most importantly make something. A short. A documentary. A mockumentary. A killer feature somehow done without cast or crew. Create... Because that is what you do. And love it.

Claude Gagne

Thanks. Back to my crap! LOL

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, James! I'm taking MAKE MUSIC YOUR LIFE with Mike Monday. A course for film and tv placements. Here's my sketchbook.

James Hoey

Hi Claude. Just make sure it’s top notch! Hope you are well and safe.

Jonathon Blankenship

Thanks James! This is very true and also very helpful. Take care of yourself!

William Joseph Hill

Thank you James. Yeah, it's been challenging getting through the constant bombardment of bad news and trying to stay focused. My wife and I have managed to put out another episode of our comedy web series "That Darn Girlfriend" on YouTube, , and I'm going to be teaching a webinar on Visual Effects with our film group, so we are managing to stay productive while the rest of the industry has shut down here in L.A.

James Hoey

Keep it going William! Yes,this is some kind of situation we are all in, but you’re doing the right thing by moving forward any way you can.

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