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Rana Davis


Hey guys, I was hoping that anyone who has experience with crowdfunding could weigh in on the Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo conversation! Thanks, Rana

Jason Levy

Hey Rana! I used Indiegogo because if you don't meet your goals in Kickstarter you get nothing. But in Indiegogo you still get something. That was the big difference for me. Also, on either you need to constantly work to find people to donate. It's a full time job but totally worth it because you'll get donations from the most surprising place! All the Best!!

Bill Shannon

To reply to Jason, I find it weird when people have flexible funding on indiegogo. Ok, they need $8,000 and only get $500. Are they taking that $500 and just not making the project then? You sometimes never know. But that fails in comparison to some of the kickstarter stories I've heard, such as the team who go 112% funded and the next day started getting phone calls from their friends that Kickstarter refunded their money and the team ended up with $0... all the while KS refused to answer their calls or explain anything as to why it happened and why they decided to cancel the campaign. Personally, I've used both and prefer Indiegogo. The first time I used KS I had someone from the staff telling me I needed to make changes but wouldn't elaborate on things and when I questions the validity of his demands I only got "That's just how we work"

Vivian Orozco

Check your percentages- I researched both Indie and Kickstarter for my projects and found that what Indie takes off the top is a little less than kickstarter. Plus, I also found that KS is a lot less film friendly than Indie. Indie openly encourages you to run campaigns for the diffrent aspects of your project (PrePro, Pro, and Post Pro) and shows you how to do it. KS is much more of an "All or nothing" forum. I've used Indie Twice to fund films, and while we didn't make our goals, it was enough to get the project going and moving. Hope this helps!

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