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Tony Cella

Defining Nudity

In the next couple months I'll be casting for a short that involves shirtlessness. Females will be wearing bras. In the casting notice, should I say nudity is involved or does that not count? I'm inclined to say no, but I'm not familiar with industry standards.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Depending on the project we guess you could go for semi-nudity and pretty much lay it out the same way you just did "shirtlessness (females will be wearing bras)" or something of the sort. We don't really think it's considered nudity, but some people might.

Joanna Strange

I would say "semi-nudity (breasts covered)"

Tony Cella

Good points.

Richard Gustason

If your project doesn't have nudity in it, then don't say it. Nudity is full on butt nakedness my friend. If the ladies are wearing bras, then really not much nudity. Let's try to keep it simple. My thoughts here.

Royce Allen Dudley

Lack of nudity disclosure in postings will get you in hot water. Scantily clad isn't nudity. Just make sure director doesn't even think about asking for more on set. You establish the parameters before the audition.

Emily Brown

Hey Tony! An actress here. Before submitting, I like to know what level of nudity would be required from me on set, if I were to book the role. This saves me from wasting your time during submission/audition process. You don't want to find the perfect actress only to discover she's not comfortable with what you need for your script. In breakdowns, I've seen nudity disclosed in the following ways: Nudity - Full frontal Nudity - Breasts only Nudity - Back and butt only Partial Nudity - Bra and panties Implied nudity - nothing shown on screen, but (insert what you need from them on set) Better to over-prepare your actors. You want them to submit being fully interested in your project. No one's going to sneer at you for calling bra and panties partial nudity. Some people may not care, and that's great! But for the people who do care, they will be grateful for your honesty!! Another note, may I suggest, is to say whether the level of nudity is required in the audition, or call back. By being as transparent as possible with what you want and need, you are making the impression on those submitting that you are a professional who they want to work with! For a little more insider info, check out this article from some Toronto Casting Directors for how they treat nudity when they audition actors. Hope this helps!!

Pippa Hinchley

Just say what it is - exactly as you have done here. Guys topless, girls in bras. That's it.

Tony Cella

@Emily: Thanks for the advice. I've acted in the past and would be pissed if I showed up and the director told me to take off my clothes. That's why I asked. @Pippa: Sounds almost too simple...Ha.

Royce Allen Dudley

Scantily clad, implied nudity, topless nudity, full frontal nudity, simulated sex are all terms understood and used in casting notice breakdowns.

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