Filmmaking / Directing : Diversity in Film. by Marcelo Dietrich

Marcelo Dietrich

Diversity in Film.

In early 2016, and shortly after the announcements of prestigious award nominations, there was a bit of controversy regarding the lack of diversity amongst films and the nominees. This got me wondering... How did this come to be? What are the statics for diverse actors in film? How diverse are the casts of films? ... and most importantly, what can I do to change this? I realized that as a filmmaker: a screenwriter, producer & director, I could affect change. This happened just before I was to host the 1st round of auditions for Arizona 10 Short Films. While writing each of the 10 screenplays of Arizona 10, I had certain ages, sexes & races in mind. This was the perfect opportunity to affect change. I realized that I could change that statistic of more diverse casts by doing away with those certain ages, sexes & races. When I posted the cast breakdowns, I only listed the characters names & ages - which were significantly expanded. (1 film is about a family of minorities however, so those characters were unchanged.) I did away with all of the images of the characters I had created in my imagination and had a fantastic turn out of a very diverse group of actors that ranged in ethnicity & age! When describing Arizona 10 Short Films, I often refer to what Stephen King has said about his books. King states "they are about ordinary people, in extraordinary situations". That is brilliant! Arizona 10, however is about ordinary people that are in "ordinary" situations". The films deal with real, everyday matters that you are familiar with. Some of the subjects of the films are PTSD, organ transplants, bullying, the life of a law enforcement officer, the long-term ramifications of a crime, death, dedication to family... ordinary situations! If Arizona 10 Short Films is going to be about ordinary people in "ordinary situations", I also need to stay true to that "ordinary people" part and utilize a more diverse cast. I am very excited about Arizona 10 Short Films being an accurate portrayal of the "ordinary people in ordinary situations" in Arizona! As a filmmaker: a screenwriter, a producer & a director, YOU can affect change. Meme by Harrison J. Bahe

Barbara Faye Glover

Thank you. As a woman who has never been an engenu and always a character and a recent attendee of Howard Allen and Royce Sparks first Institute of Collaborative Storytelling. ...this is what 21st Century storytelling is all about.

Marcelo Dietrich

Thank you, Mrs. Glover! I agree with you! I must say that my decision has led me to some awesome casting choices! I'm really looking forward to showing the Arizona 10 Short Films!

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