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Bill Kautz

Home depot

Home Depot is opening another store in Atlanta - with a twist. It isn't open to the public, rather just to film production companies. Weird, but it says a lot about how the business in booming!

Parker Reeve

I've been working a lot in the Atlanta area. CA needs to look at their business model.

Bill Kautz

LOL! Georgia looked at California's, and did just the opposite. The government provides some great tax incentives and banks are going after the business. Around fifty special tax bills have been passed that benefit the film industry. Television is in the cross hairs but right now, they don't have enough stages, although they're being built right and left.

Reece Elisabeth

That is a cool story Bill. Are they going to rent equipment or just sell it?

Simon © Simon

Bill post the link of the article when you come across these. That way we can read what you did. Thanks

Bill Kautz

I will if I run across it again. It was in the Atlanta Journal. While the first of it's kind specifically for film makers, they also have several that serve only building contractors.

Bill Kautz

No idea, but I suspect both.

Andrea Thompson

This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. Here's the link I found:

Simon © Simon

The store will be closed to the public and exclusively for the use of film, TV and video production crews. Home Depot at Pinewood will sell only items used to build production sets, including lumber, nails, doors, windows and other “expendables” that crews will tear down and recycle for future projects once the set .

Bill Kautz

I have no idea if it's true or not but was told a group of investors are considering building an entire "city" for the studios, not a "back lot," rather a "front lot." The sub-divisions would be interesting - 24th Centuryville, Wild West Acres, European Manors, Alpine Heights. There could be shopping centers, "sky-scrapers," and so on - everything with two walls and a roof! ;o)

Geveryl Robinson

Bill, I live in Atlanta, and Home Depot is indeed opening a Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Here is a link to the article.

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