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Troy Ruff


Hello all filmmakers, Im new to LA, well living in Santa Monica. Wondering where local filmmakers go to meet and hang. Connect with each others projects. Where I lived before we would have a once a month meetings in bars to collaborate. Im making a movie soon and needing some help. Anyone who would like to be apart I posted on the jobs page. Also check out my FB.

Juliez Frazier

Definitely interested in your upcoming project! Thank you for reaching out. Hear from you soon...Frazier

Lan Doan

Same! All about that networking! Welcome to Stage32!

Troy Ruff

Thanks guys, Ill be posting all news with the film on here. Im liking the site so far.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hey Troy! Make sure you always check the Meetups section - there's meetups going on all the time in the LA area :) Glad to have you here!

Staci Layne Wilson

Here's one I've heard of, but haven't gone to... yet. "Deadline Junkies meets every Tuesday evening from 7:15 pm to 10 pm with a 15 minute break around 9:00. We currently meet at Open Stage West/Annex, 14336 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. There's plenty of room, so if you're shy, bring a friend. Just make sure you both sign in at the front counter so we have a record of your attendance." For just a plain old wonderful place to sit and write, and see lots of filmmakers hanging out, there is THE JUMPCUT CAFE in Studio City, owned by my friend Elric Kane. He holds lots of free screenings in the evenings there, and it's a great way to casually meet like-minded folks. Staci

Troy Ruff

Thanks staci I've been looking for ways to connect to the film world down here. Both those places sound great maybe I'll see ya there.

Regina Lee

Check out Film Independent and see if their offerings align with your interests.

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