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Amelia Nielsen

Starting out directing - tips?

I'm going to be directing my first short film soon, and I was wondering if some seasoned directors could pass on advice? I was an AD on a short film last summer, but I'm still really nervous to actually be in charge for the first time. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Chad Mercree

Know your storyboards very well. Everyone has ideas once you start filming and a great way to stay on task is to stick to the boards. Time is money.

Nadine Kramarz

I agree. Know how you want to shoot your film and then just do it. Takes less time and makes editing way easier.

Gary DeSomber

I just directed my first short couple weeks ago. Am preparing to be involved with the edit. My best advice is to trust your camera man and be sure sound is under control. Bad sound can ruin an otherwise good film. Don't be afraid to experiment and shoot several shots and different angles. Guide your actors, don't judge them or treat them like puppets. Have FUN, jump right in and remember you're not doing brain surgery.

Susie Griswold

^what they said and if you are workng with inexperienced people for budget purposes, give your actors direction and allow them to rehearse a few moments before cameras roll to get them comfortable in their scene, know what crossing the line means, know your basic lighting techniques for the mood you want, keep your ears alert for the tiniest sounds from miles away and be confident in your direction to others. Rock on female filmmakers!!

Chad Mercree

Great advice from everyone! Having a place to share experience in film is why I love Stage32 so much.

Sanjay Gupta

I would strongly recommend giving this book a read. Directing Actors by Judith Weston. This really shows why a director's work shapes a film.

Ashish Tripathi

Just stick to your vision and be open to the ideas besides what's on the papers, you are gonna get a LOT of advice make sure u pick the right ones and even when you reject someone's precious idea make sure you do it subtly... try and make a bond with your actors and your cinematographer to get the best out of them, just make a comfortable and they will do the magic for you ... other than that ... have fun, its great to be on the sets of any feature or short.... just savor the experience. And good luck!

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