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Ryan Hendrick

Amazon Prime Video

Hi folks,

My short film Sundown has had a successful year on the festival circuit starting HollyShorts in 2018. So I've decided to distribute the film on Amazon Prime Video. Has anyone else tried this? I'd be keen to hear about your experiences of distributing your content on the platform.

If you'd like to check out Sundown then you can find it on the link below or just search on the platform directly.


Cheers :)

Aditya Basu

You can google Amazon Video Direct and go via that

Dean Lach

HI Ryan. I'm not crazy about their Closed Captions requirement. I guess the real question is: Who do you know that pays to watch a short? (Sorry if that sounds snarky - just trying to be on topic.) Anyway -- If you would like to stream it free, my CTV Channels are open. And You can promote/publicize your content too, free via www.Metrofilmfestival.com or for almost nothing at https://www.patreon.com/moviesplus

Ryan Hendrick

Normally I'd agree with you there, luckily our two leads have a rather substantial cult following so there was a enough interest to warrant streaming. Cheers for the interest.

Johnny K. Wu

I have just two shorts on Amazon for free and had been viewed not much $ to talk about lol There are many svod out that takes shorts too many need to search abit.

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