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Nardz Belen

Film distributions

How effective are film festivals as venues for film distributions? What are the usual procedures in joining a film festivals? Thanks a lot!

D Marcus

The usual procedure is to submit your film to the festival. If it is accepted it will be put on the program. At the top tier festivals there are distributors who attend and watch movies. If they think yours has a market they will make a distribution offer. Of course your understand that the above is greatly simplified - but it is a fair generalization.

Nardz Belen

Thank you so much, D Marcus!

Nardz Belen

Wow! Thank you so much for the very enlightening information! We have to think or develop some kind of a better marketing strategy! Of course, when there is an opportunity to attend a film festival, it's also great, just so to feel or experience the pulse of the industry!

Einar Gabbassoff

Cannes MIPCOM is the way to go

Alex B Botchway

Who's Mipcom? And why?

Einar Gabbassoff

Hi, Alex. MIPCOM is a huge market in Cannes. There you land deals, make contacts, find distributors etc. http://www.mipcom.com/

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