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Nick Faldstein


I'm almost done with my short film and I want to upload it to you youtube. Then share it on FB but is that the best marketing strategy? If anyone has any insight or to just share you opionion on this topic, that would be very helpful please share it!

Nick Faldstein

Yeah thats also what Ive heard. with the internet it seems it all about web show now. Thanks for the comment!

Tom Leach

Hey, i think Vimeo may be better, as it doesnt do horrible things to your ratio and video! :)

Brian Briskey

Audiences for Vimeo, YouTube, and BlipTV, are quite segmented so put a trailer or sizzle reel on all of them... but put the main content on the platform that you you are most comfortable with for reading the analytics. Why? Because you will put links from all of your trailers to that main video source and be able to understand how strongly your video draws traffic and accumulates views (length of viewing also important). Make multiple versions of trailers and try different combinations of tag words for your bait;) Once you do that share your results with this discussion thread.

Rob McCleary

Youtube is the worst thing you can do for your film if you're looking to collect revenue. The best way to go is a password protected Vimeo. Buyers pass on films the second they find out it's been online for free.

William Conrad

I don't know. It all depends on where you want to go. If you're looking to maybe get your 'chops' and something for your resume, and not all about the money then Youtube is the place to go.They're all good places to go... For different reasons. Facebook and YouTube are king. Don't kid yourself if you think otherwise. The potential reach on the worst day ever to post on Facebook or Youtube is still better than all the other sites.... put together. LOL You just have to try and engage people and not spam the crap out of them. That's counter productive. Vimeo is a great site. But one important thing you should remember and consider is that Vimeo is mainly visited by video creators. They are drawn to the better quality it offers. The regular person who may watch your film goes to YouTube.... most "Regular joes" don't even know what Vimeo is. Do you see my point? For support from people in the industry Vimeo is great. But are other producers/directors going to watch your film the same as a regular person would? Not at all. Like I said. YouTube is king for the regular viewer. But, one piece of advice I got from me good ol' Mom.... retrofitted to be used in this situation. Even the smallest video sites (Let's say 1000 regular users) is still 1000 people you wouldn't have otherwise. So, in a nutshell... why not use them all?

Nick Faldstein

Thanks for all the feed back everyone. I will definitly take it all into consideration!

Ron Cooper

Hi Nick, Kaleigh Group Entertainment is now accepting films for distribution. We have traditional and Out of the Box distribution channels. We get paid commission, so there are NO up front fees. I would like to discuss this with you. Contact me if you are interested.

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