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Broadcast questions please

Hi All, I am in contact with a local broadcast company, I was asked or told about my content: "All programs submitted must have captions, a ratings icon, music cue sheets & a signed license agreement for broadcast." Captions are for closed captions which Cs6 does not have the ability. CC does Yes I know Lease it and get it. Vegas Pro has it, so does FCP and maybe a few converters I am unaware of. I read that can add it as an option in cs6 Encore for DVD and not sure if Broadcast can use it that way? I wonder if those are separate files sent along to the station so they are available to the viewer if desired. (by law I think they have to be there?) I was looking for a work around at the moment. BTW.... Please advise. Ratings Icon- Where is this placed? Does that need a special format or file for the station? Or just a green screen with a "G" for general? Music Cue sheets- ? I am not sure what they are asking for...? Releases, OK how about open source or stuff I wrote? Just grab a boiler plate release and fill in needed areas? Please advise if you work at a station and can point me to the resources so I can learn Thank you, Simon

Robert Bryant

Hi Simon; Ask the broadcast company which specs apply - they may even be able to provide you with copies or links to those standards on-line. I've done some editing for PBS broadcast, and they have very detailed requirements available for download.

Demetria Dixon

Cue sheets are a list of the music cues that you've used. along with how the the composer and publishing will be divided along with how the cue will be used in the production. Here is a link to BMI.

Simon © Simon

Demetria, Thank you for finding and sharing that link. I read it. Got it. I figured Captions via line21. If you use Adopee like me...LOL you can add it after. IF you use other software IE Avid, FCP you should have it already on board. Robert, thanks for chiming in and letting me know that to ask for particulars is not frowned upon as each have their own way. Regards Simon

Georgia Hilton

get a hard copy (Or electronic ) of deliverables and specs... BEFORE you do anything.... Then run down the list and sort out what you can and cannot deliver. If this is a show/video/movie that is your's and this is your gig.... then you'll have to talk to the network about the minimum list of deliverables and where there is room for negotiation. Closed caption stuff is best sent out to any number of companies that do it for a living... Its not that pricey. Rating is another you CANNOT use a MPAA rating without getting the project formally rate by the MPAA. TV ratings are Voluntary and normally handled by the network/broadcaster. - As to files and tapes... the delivery spec will call for details like HDCAM or D5 or other linear digital tape with6 to 8 tracks ( for 5.1 ) and stereo mix detailing which track gets which mix track. Whether you need to deliver flat mix or Dolby Digital AC3, there will be QC specs on audio levels and video levels that will need to be met as well. You will probably be asked to deliver on Disk as well and the file formats will be described in detail on the spec sheet.... Just about every freaking network / station has their own specs.. I have a literal BOOK of them in my studio and updating all the time.

Simon © Simon

Georgia, Great stuff thank you. I was corresponding to a PBS station out here and got slammed with a list of needs, that or I could sent it to a Nat'l clearing house where they get their content anyways. (Which was implied the preferred) Thanks for the link and the rating info. I think that about covers all the questions, I had hanging out there. Regards Simon

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