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Nathaniel Nuñez

Sony Vegas Pro

Hello! I'm getting ready to edit a short film using Sony Vegas Pro 12, but I am still learning how to use everything. YouTube tutorials are a bit confusing sometimes, due to the video referring different versions of the software. One of my main concerns is choosing the correct file type when rendering video clips. I'm sure this is very simple, but I'm still having trouble. If there is anyone out there who is proficient in Sony Vegas Pro 12 and would be willing to let me pick their brain while I edit, please hit me up. Best, Nathaniel Nuñez

Steve Sherman

FWIW, there are so many choices when it comes to file type. I think the first thing you have to answer is, what format will your final output take? Work back from there. Also, how much can your system handle? Editing in 4K is far more demanding on your system than 1080p, for example. Then, there are questions around lossy versus lossless formats and what your system can support. Be really careful when you choose frame rates. Here, you have to resolve any issues with respect to the frame rates in and the frame rates out. Conversion between frame rates (while typically done automatically in Vegas) can lead to jumps and even audio sync problems. What resolution and frame rates were used with your media in? If that differs substantially from the output format, you could be in for some challenges.

Simon © Simon

If only there were an app for an editor... What Steve stated is how to do it. No shortcuts or set paths.

Ken Glaza

You need to work back from what the format the final deliverable must take. Checking the format of the video file audio codec saves lay-back conversion time. However! Out of all software to use, Pro Tools is probably the best we use here at K&R. I say this because of the options it provides for LoRo to 5.1 surround and getting the correct theater and broadcast levels through plug in options. You can do all your sync lay ups in Sony and export the file OMF to be mixed in Pro Tools. You can be here in the mix through Skype if you are interested in having us do the proper finish with experienced engineering. We work with a few producers that work with us this way. Good Luck.

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